Saturday, 9 October 2010

New Mom Getting No Sleep?

As a new mommy it can be really hard to get the sleep you need.

Who cares if things get better when my baby is three months old? I will have died from lack of sleep by then!

That's really how I felt getting my first child. I was so exhausted!

Looking back now at my first time as a new mother, I didn't do much to improve the situation at that time. Why? I didn't know what to do!

"Sleep when the baby does also at daytime" was the only advice I had heard. Easy to say! Boring and hard to do.

I mean, you're not a robot as a new mummy; there's no off-button to press as soon as the baby falls asleep!

When I was home with our third child things were different. Tired - yes sometimes. Like when all kids wake up at night... But I was not exhausted, not at all actually. Why? Because I had learned how to help myself getting much more sleep.
These tips meant the world to me. Despite being a new mother, I didn't sleep and complain about being tired all day long, but instead I had enough energy to launch this website!

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