Thursday, 12 January 2012

New Mother Advice

We asked some mothers: "What was the best advice you received a new mother when her first child?" While one might assume that the majority opinion would be practical care tips baby, the advice that most impressed the Most mothers do not have anything to do with the baby. The best advice is directed at the mother and how she treated.
Here is a breakdown by category of opinion, then the personal testimony of one mother:

Sleep / rest
"When I was a mother for the first time, the best part of the board of the new mother I was going to sleep when the baby slept. That way I would be able to rest as much as possible to obtain, if possible, taking into newly born babies usually do not sleep all night for the first weeks or even months. The advice helped me a lot, though I was tired, I would like to take a nap here and there when my daughter was asleep. It would be enough power for either through a night of energy and also helped keep the baby blues away! "
"It would be my Lamaze teacher, who said" just relax and trust in yourself and your instincts, after all the most up close and personal with your baby than you. "
Take care of yourself
When I was a mother for the first time, the best part of the board of the new mother came to the mother of a friend. She reminded me that while I would give the best care for my baby, I love to have the best care of me. She said it would only be the best mother possible when I was taking care of me, in some cases it may set limits on when, where and with whom to share my time and attention.
Accept help
I have a lot of tips, but the best advice I received was for all the help it offers to accept. Because I am a very private person, not to accept the help offered me, but I left my mother to watch your baby for a little every day, so I could sleep.
Do not worry
The best advice I received as a new mother not to worry! Babies have much agree on what "normal" development. You definitely need to educate yourself on stage and make sure your baby is developing guidelines below. However, do not just assume because another child is 12 months after yours should be doing the same.
Let your baby learn
I think the best advice I heard was: "Let your baby set his own schedule." There are many books out there that show how to schedule your baby, but if your baby a few weeks, the program itself. Keep the baby in the whole planning is important. Because they know what to expect, establishing a routine that makes them feel secure.
Choose the board that suits you
"The doctor told me not to listen to all! Best advice I got. He said it was OK for my baby to sleep with me for four months. But at that time should be in another room, so you do not make a habit. The another thing he said was that "you can not spoil a baby!"
EXTRA: Specific Tips
Dresses are of great value: When my children were babies, my mother suggested I use clothes, because by using them, it was easier to change diapers and change of clothes (if they have to spit up). She was right, especially when you first get home from hospital and is very tired and should provide a newborn with very little help. Now I buy clothes for the baby if someone I know is to have them.
Rock-a-bye Baby: The best advice I received was like a new baby to sleep. Works like a charm. If your baby to bed, put a light cloth over your eyes (not the nose) and the web to work to eliminate visual stimulation. Most often, this is what prevents new babies to sleep. Once your baby falls asleep, remove the cloth. Works every time.

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